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Michelle Lisa Interiors_Interior Design_West Hollywood, CA

Good design is more than aesthetic preference. Rather, it occurs when the purpose of a space aligns with the intention of its inhabitants.

Michelle Lisa is uniquely adept at understanding her clients by discerning their needs, desires, and obstacles and transforming them into a customized plan to bring harmony at home. She believes that every object has a purpose and the potential to bring ease, create beauty, or evoke a memory and is therefore selected with care and intention.

Michelle Lisa Interiors_Interior Design_West Hollywood, CA

Meet Michelle


Through her diverse experience working for luxury brands, offering holistic health coaching, and designing homes, Michelle brings the knowledge that home is more than just four walls — it is the life contained within. Belief that our environments influence our mood, and even our health, drives her to help clients cultivate balance and peace in their home. Now an empty nester, Michelle has rebranded her life and business to reflect her priorities of connection and harmony.

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